Have Band, Will Travel. West.

Hello, Alberta.
Nice to see you.
It’s been a long tiiiiiime…

For some of us, it’ll be the first time. But by gum, the Hypochondriacs are coming for you, Alberta! We cannot wait to finally tap our toes on that Western Canada terrain, for y’all to hear. We’ll be strumming/hitting/blowing/rocking in these particular directions:

Thursday, June 13: Calgary – Broken City
Tuesday, June 18: Edmonton – The Rec Room
Fri. – Sat., June 21-22: Lesser SlaveLake – North County Fair

Mountains, lads. That’s where these babies are going.
And speaking of being In The Mountains, we have a new video for you all, courtesy of our friends at Marshall Studios.


Take that, you mountain wildlife. RAWR.

One thought on “Have Band, Will Travel. West.

  1. Hey Guys!!! Was at broken city last night and caught a few songs !!! iam the eastcoaster member! Gene Childs and Jim Blackmore don’t forget!!!!!! Just wanted to say you guys were really good and its too bad that there were not very many people to hear that! Please come back sometime and Iam sure there will be a much larger crowd 🙂 At least you gained one more fan

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