Thank-You, MusicNB!

Holy smokes.

We’re still staggering a bit from the end of October. Wind-swept and wowed, we walked away from MNB Festival 506 with 4 awards won, out of 6 nominations:

Album of the Year – The Hypochondriacs In 3/4
SOCAN Song of the Year – In 3/4 (Josh Bravener)
Emerging Artist of the Year
Country Artist of the Year

The nominees in these categories were nothing to sneeze at. We’re so darned appreciative and thankful for the recognition, and the experiences we had at Festival 506. We spoke with some fantastic people, shared the stage with stellar ensembles, and generally allowed ourselves to feel a wee bit proud. Oh blustery Caraquet, you blew our minds & hearts.

Got those statuettes set up on the ol’ garage mantel, right where we can look to them for love and encouragement as we get crackin’ on new music!

Mon Dieu. Merçi Merçi Merçi beaucoup, once again.

MNB Festival 506

Thank-you, Music NB, for giving us 6 (count ’em, SIX) nominations this year!

Album of the Year
Emerging Artist of the Year
SOCAN Song of the Year (“3/4”)
Group Recording of the Year
Video of the Year (“Just Like Before”)
Country Artist of the Year

A number of categories are open for public voting… Head on over here and be counted, if’n yer so inclined:
go vote for us you turkeys

You can catch us playing with so goshdarned many of our friends during that October 25-26 weekend in Caraquet.  Tickets available here:
Festival 506 Tickets