hypos album

Our records of “The Hypochondriacs in 3/4” are HERE! but be patient – you need to wait until September to buy them. I am really excited to release it for all y’all! Watch for our tour dates and check us out on Spotify. Hold tight and don’t fight the hype! – Josh

Thanks to the Aquinian for their interest in the new album! Read the interview with Josh here, and check out the Album review here.

What are people saying??

The Hypochondriacs are the rising stars of the Alt. Country sound on the east coast. The Hypos always promise a high energy stage show while delivering stellar vocals and musicianship.Valerie Hillier, Director of Programming, The Fredericton Playhouse

“…It was nice to see Josh Bravener’s new band, The Hypochondriacs, have a coming out party on Wednesday. I think they’ve set themselves up to be the next shining star coming out of Fredericton” – David Seabrook, Director of Communications, Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival 2016

Had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the Hypochondriacs at the Larlee Creek Hullabaloo. Wow what a fun band, unique musical talents and spirited performances. Fuckin’ A one! Matt Minglewood